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Kids in the kitchen: Independence is the main ingredient

When my three kids were younger my day would start at 5:30 am with breastfeeding the baby, getting the 2 year-old out of his diaper and figuring out what yogurt needed to be fed to the two and four year-old … Continue reading

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Sugary Snacks and Kids: What’s the Right Combination?

“Mom, why does junk food taste so good?”  Good question! I know exactly how she feels, you see among other things, she’s also inherited my sweet tooth. “You’re right” trying to come across as factual. “It does taste good”. However, I … Continue reading

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Sports Nutrition

Does this conversation sound familiar to you? “But mom, why can’t we bring in freezies and chips for the end of the game, Sally’s parents did last week?”

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Say Hello to Healthier Eating During the School Day

Many of us spend time and energy making sure that the food and drinks our kids have at home are healthy.  For example, after grocery shopping, I wash and cut up vegetables and fruit to have on hand throughout the … Continue reading

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