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4 ways to inspire your teen to give back

When our sons were about 14 and 16, their lives revolved around friends, food, sports and girls. Pretty typical, right? They were kind, compassionate kids who had done some mandatory volunteering, but as their parents we wanted them to see … Continue reading

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Spring into action in Halton!

Spring is in the air. The weather is warming, the sun is shining and the crisp breeze gently presses against my face as I take a long, deep breath and feel inspired. Inspired to get outside with the family. But my … Continue reading

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The Circle of Giving Back

Growing up in the 1970-80’s, I don’t remember intentional “Pay it forward” days or knocking on doors for community food drives, but I do remember participating with both Brownies and Girl Guides. We did group activities like “clean up your … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from our youth about volunteering.

I think we can always learn from one another, especially from our youth. One important lesson we can learn from them is the art of giving back. Today’s youth are volunteering more than ever before and more than any other … Continue reading

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Keeping Your TEEN Busy This Summer

Ahhh summer… the days are starting to get longer and the warmth of the sun is putting an extra spring in your step. The routine of school days and bedtimes will soon be a distant memory. But maybe now it’s starting to hit you! Your … Continue reading

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